The Bindi is a traditional Indian custom, which has over a period of time, been relegated to that space - where we believe it is not 'chic' or 'cool' to sport one.

Our intention at bookmybindi is - to celebrate the Bindi. We want to popularise this dying tradition, with our designs, which are exclusive, unique, classy, fashionable and stylish. It is our endeavour to get women across the globe to sport one as a style statement and at the same time, protect their Ajna, from where each and every one of us, derive our abilities. Ajna is that point where all creation begins. The seed syllable for this Chakra – is the syllable OM.

All the bindi's at bookmybindi are individualistic to suit a person's personality. We egg the buyer to try out a style that will define them and enhance their personality. Our designs are set to create a unique sense of intrigue and can be sported on any look, Indian wear or Western.

We have Designs to match seasons, festivals, moods and designs for ladies and children and yes, of course, 'Tikas' for the metrosexual male, who is proud of his ability to sport a design on his Ajna.

"Our bindi's have been hand drawn and then converted into stick on's."

Prabhleen Kaur - Founder 

About half a decade ago lissome lass Prabhleen Kaur hailing from border town Ferozepur in Punjab landed in Bombay to pursue her acting career. During her various acting assignments, she noted that the least amount of attention was paid to the first thing you notice on the face of a woman - THE BINDI.
Prabhleen Kaur was saddened by the lack of choices that bindi makers had to offer.
It was a chance meeting with Aroona Bhat, the lady featured in the Limca Book of Records for designing a maximum number of different designs of bindis.
That germinated the entrepreneur in Prabhleen Kaur. Despite being a full-time media professional and acting being her day job. Thus, www.bookmybindi.com was born. An online site that offers over one hundred thousand different designs. The Bindi's are designed by Aroona Bhat and project has been conceived and executed by Prabhleen Kaur.
All you need to do is log on, select, place the order and wait for the designer Bindi to be delivered to your doorstep.


Aroona B Bhat- Founder

One of the most precious areas of the human anatomy is the area between the eyebrows, a spot called the "AJNA CHAKRA. " Considered very powerful, this spot is the exit point of the Kundalini & the seat of concealed wisdom. When one wears a Bindi, not just are you signifying & saluting the female energy in you, you can be rest assured that there is an increase in one's level of concentration as well. Hindu's also believe Evil forces & bad luck are kept at bay if you wear the Bindi.

A Bindi, protects & covers the mystical third eye & by painting it RED, one acknowledges the Stree Shakti which is one way of honouring Lord Shiva's third eye which is not just
powerful but could be destructive if provoked. With BLACK, the wearer displays the purity of self.
Armed with this knowledge, Aroona began to propagate the wearing of the Bindi. Being at the fag end of her teens, Aroona's mind urged her to explore other ways of protecting the Ajna. She began to experiment with double lines in 2 colours, sticker bindi's surrounded by hand-drawn lines & dots. The simple red dot was made more elaborate with Kumkum & sandalwood paste or the virgin black dot made a bit more dense by wet vibhuti.
Aroona came to Bombay in 1998. Within months, the vibrancy of the city played a vital role in creating an explosion of colour, on the chosen spot. The straight lines grew longer & angled. The dots varied in formations. Whatever be the design, colour combinations played a vital role. Gone were the black & red dots. They were replaced by a wild splash at times or intricately designed formations or simple designs easy to replicate. With years flying by, the bindi's on Aroona's forehead transformed themselves from the initial days of simple dots to being a display board & canvas of colour, design & style. Aroona's 'funky' bindi's as they are now called by all, paved their way into the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS 2008 & 2009 for her Bindi Art and for having the single largest collection of hand made bindis, each unique in its style. Aroona has never repeated a Bindi design in the last 15 years. Bookmybindi is Aroonas attempt to bring her bindi designs out in the world for everyone.
Aroona believes that every individual has his own unique identity and image. And by decorating the Ajna, she is of the firm opinion that one has, by default, taken a step in this very direction, by nurturing this point and protecting it with a Bindi or a Tilak. It is for this very reason she has co-founded bookmybindi.com with the hope of reviving this tradition, distinctive to our culture.  
Aroona Bhat is also the founder of A WHOLE NEW LEAF - an Image Consultancy & Management Company. Aroona Bhat is also the co-founder of LOL(Life of life), a life coaching company. Aroona holds a diploma in PR and Mass Communication from the Xavier Institute of Communication, is a trained voice over artist. Aroona has her own column on etiquette and good manners in DB Star, the tabloid version of the prestigious and extensively circulated Dainik Bhaskar and has also been empaneled with Dainik Bhasker as their in-house expert on Image Consultancy and Etiquette, for her contribution towards creating awareness on Image Building for students, Aroona was one of the seven women of the city of Mumbai, who was recognised and felicitated as

‘A Woman of Substance’ by the SMILE FOUNDATION, Mumbai.