Jazz Your Attire With A Bindi, Something That Teams Up With Everything!

What do you think is the common thread that holds together Miley Cyrus, Alecia Keys, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry and Madonna? Yes, they are Hollywood icons, they are famed and celebrated around the globe ...what else? Did you know that these celebrities have been spotted wearing bindis, a timeless Indian fashion icon?

While this must have accessory for Indian women was gradually losing its significance in a highly modern digitalised word, the bindi is slowly resurfacing back to life considering the ascend of its fashion value, style statement and how it can be teamed with any attire, Indian of course, western, gowns etc. While no outfit is complete without a bindi, it is being sported by a lot of women both in India and overseas.

Teaming it up with jeans:

We know that the bindi beautifully fits with all Indian attires. But, have you ever wondered how they’ll look with jeans? We’ll assure you that they go perfectly well with jeans or for that matter any western garment. Whilst international stars adorn the bindi and add them to their costumes as a fun element, for Indian women wearing a bindi is no less than creating magic.

It’s the ease with which you can wear a bindi that really defines it. The moment you wear one, you create a style statement like no other part of your entire attire can make. Today’s jeans clad generation is also starting to wear bindis and they are giving it a fresh dimension, something like never seen before.


Teaming up a bindi with a gown:

Wait...what? Yup, you did hear that right! Next time you go to a party wearing the gorgeous gown you shopped for at the mall, don’t forget to team it up with a bindi. See heads turn! Bindis that are available in a wide assortment can be worn according to an occasion, the theme of the party or your mood. Bindis gel really well with Victorian style gowns made with wispy fabrics like chiffons and georgettes, full skirts and dresses that have a lot of volume.


Styling differs from person to person. While the word bindi has been derived from the Sanskrit word 'bindu' signifying a dot, there’s huge diversity today when it comes to size, shape, colour and design and it’s a worldwide recognized global accessory. It's all about how you carry it. It need not necessarily be associated with saris or salwar kameez.

The daily TV soaps have also added to the makeover of bindis. Popular actresses like Sudha Chandran and Uravashi Dholkai have popularised bindis over the years.


One of the oldest fashion accessories in the world, the bindi has stood the test of time and will do so for generations to come. Sporting the bindi with different attires represents and reflects an individual’s personality and attitude...the sole premise on which the world’s 1st online bindi portal BookMyBindi was initiated. There are more than 50000 exclusive handcrafted bindi designs to choose from.