Get your make-up right on Karva Chauth

After hours of fasting on the day, look perky in the right make-up on Karva Chauth this year.

The occasion, during which many married women in northern India keep a fast from the sunrise to the moonrise for their husband's long life and well-being, falls on October 30 this time.

Aashmeen Munjaal, owner of the capital-based Star Salon n' Spa, has shared tips to put the right make-up for the occasion:

* Foundation: Start by cleaning your face thoroughly and apply the perfect foundation depending on your skin tone.

* Eye-shadow: Start with your eyes as they play a major role in your overall look. Apply glittery light gold shadow on your eye-lids. To define your eyes perfectly, put a thin line of black eyeliner. Use mascara to complete the look.

* Colours: Go for peach pink blush to match the season of autumn that brings a pleasant chill to the air, and use a big bold bindi.

* Apply a bit of sindoor, depending on your choice and comfort of quantity.

* If you are really up for some more, go for a small nose ring. Decorate your wrists with bangles matching with your dress. Big lac bangles are in trend. You could even team them up with the rest of your glass bangles.

* Now set your hair by tying your back hair into a low ponytail, backcomb the ponytail and scrunch it into a bun. Place your front hair in a middle parting, back comb it and neatly pin it backwards towards the bun. Take the excess hair and tease it into a messy way onto the bun. This will add a touch of modernity by giving a chic contrast to the neat slick bun with traditional middle parting. Finally, pin a flower on one side of the bun.

* Don't forget some nail art.

Content Source : The Indian Express