Are you looking to impress your guy? Want to make heads turn and make the other girls green with envy? Confused and have no idea what to do?
Here's an idea that'll make sure you grab every eyeball when you walk out! How about you pair your pair of jeans with a bindi? Looking quirky and chic, he will not be able to take his eyes off you, we promise!
Being different may be a risky affair, but looking drab and boring is so passe, isn't it?
Make your ordinary look out of the ordinary by simply adding a bindi to your attire. Be creative, be different, be you! Well, while you want to go out on a lunch date, but your guy forces you for dinner? Fret not! Wear your Oh! so gorgeous Cinderella gown and just adorn your forehead with a bindi. Let that tiny dot add exuberant sparkle to your attire and personality! The days are behind us when bindis were paired with ethnic wears alone. Our designer bindis will make any western outfit look beautiful.
Then again, there's no need for you to step out of your door to buy bindis...all you have to do is click the mouse and place an order! Yup, you heard that right. At, ordering your favourite designer hand crafted bindi is just a click away and they will be delivered to yout doorstep.
What are you waiting for princess? Go and get the look! Your prince charming awaits you!

What do you think is the common thread that holds together Miley Cyrus, Alecia Keys, Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry and Madonna? Yes, they are Hollywood icons, they are famed and celebrated around the globe ...what else? Did you know that these celebrities have been spotted wearing bindis, a timeless Indian fashion icon?

While this must have accessory for Indian women was gradually losing its significance in a highly modern digitalised word, the bindi is slowly resurfacing back to life considering the ascend of its fashion value, style statement and how it can be teamed with any attire, Indian of course, western, gowns etc. While no outfit is complete without a bindi, it is being sported by a lot of women both in India and overseas.

Teaming it up with jeans:

We know that the bindi beautifully fits with all Indian attires. But, have you ever wondered how they’ll look with jeans? We’ll assure you that they go perfectly well with jeans or for that matter any western garment. Whilst international stars adorn the bindi and add them to their costumes as a fun element, for Indian women wearing a bindi is no less than creating magic.

It’s the ease with which you can wear a bindi that really defines it. The moment you wear one, you create a style statement like no other part of your entire attire can make. Today’s jeans clad generation is also starting to wear bindis and they are giving it a fresh dimension, something like never seen before.


Teaming up a bindi with a gown:

Wait...what? Yup, you did hear that right! Next time you go to a party wearing the gorgeous gown you shopped for at the mall, don’t forget to team it up with a bindi. See heads turn! Bindis that are available in a wide assortment can be worn according to an occasion, the theme of the party or your mood. Bindis gel really well with Victorian style gowns made with wispy fabrics like chiffons and georgettes, full skirts and dresses that have a lot of volume.


Styling differs from person to person. While the word bindi has been derived from the Sanskrit word 'bindu' signifying a dot, there’s huge diversity today when it comes to size, shape, colour and design and it’s a worldwide recognized global accessory. It's all about how you carry it. It need not necessarily be associated with saris or salwar kameez.

The daily TV soaps have also added to the makeover of bindis. Popular actresses like Sudha Chandran and Uravashi Dholkai have popularised bindis over the years.


One of the oldest fashion accessories in the world, the bindi has stood the test of time and will do so for generations to come. Sporting the bindi with different attires represents and reflects an individual’s personality and attitude...the sole premise on which the world’s 1st online bindi portal BookMyBindi was initiated. There are more than 50000 exclusive handcrafted bindi designs to choose from.

After hours of fasting on the day, look perky in the right make-up on Karva Chauth this year.

The occasion, during which many married women in northern India keep a fast from the sunrise to the moonrise for their husband's long life and well-being, falls on October 30 this time.

Aashmeen Munjaal, owner of the capital-based Star Salon n' Spa, has shared tips to put the right make-up for the occasion:

* Foundation: Start by cleaning your face thoroughly and apply the perfect foundation depending on your skin tone.

* Eye-shadow: Start with your eyes as they play a major role in your overall look. Apply glittery light gold shadow on your eye-lids. To define your eyes perfectly, put a thin line of black eyeliner. Use mascara to complete the look.

* Colours: Go for peach pink blush to match the season of autumn that brings a pleasant chill to the air, and use a big bold bindi.

* Apply a bit of sindoor, depending on your choice and comfort of quantity.

* If you are really up for some more, go for a small nose ring. Decorate your wrists with bangles matching with your dress. Big lac bangles are in trend. You could even team them up with the rest of your glass bangles.

* Now set your hair by tying your back hair into a low ponytail, backcomb the ponytail and scrunch it into a bun. Place your front hair in a middle parting, back comb it and neatly pin it backwards towards the bun. Take the excess hair and tease it into a messy way onto the bun. This will add a touch of modernity by giving a chic contrast to the neat slick bun with traditional middle parting. Finally, pin a flower on one side of the bun.

* Don't forget some nail art.

Content Source : The Indian Express


As Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu puts it, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”
As Indians we all know that the conventional Indian look is incomplete without a bindi on the forehead, but over the decades, has the bindi lost its significance and implication?

Prabhleen Kaur & Aroona Bhat – The Deadly Duo!
So when Prabhleen Kaur, all the way from the quaint town of Ferozepur in Punjab landed in Bombay to chase her acting career, she was astounded by the fact that the least amount of importance was given to the one thing that adorns a woman’s forehead, the bindi! While there were very few bindi makers in the first place, what they had to offer was appalling! Prabhleen had had enough and she decided something had to be done about it.

Determined to alter the perspective of the bindi in today’s changing fashion world Prabhleen turned entrepreneur despite being caught up with her acting assignments. It was a coincidental encounter with Aroona Bhat that the duo came up with the idea of BookMyBindi, an online bindi portal, India’s first ever.

With her name registered in the Limca Book of Records for having the single largest collection of handmade bindis, Aroona’s solitary purpose is to propagate the bindi.

When she came to Bombay in ’98, maximum city’s illumination fascinated her. Gone were the black and red dots; in came remarkable designs and vivid colors. As days passed by, her designs became more vibrant and intricately designed. Since then, Aroona has never repeated a Bindi design which justifies her holding the world record. Her staunch belief that every individual has a unique identity and it can be highlighted by wearing bindis.

Aroona is an image consultant, a trained voice over artist and has been felicitated with ‘A Woman of Substance’ award by the Smile Foundation in Mumbai.

In conclusoin…
While Aroona designs the bindis, Prabhleen plans the course of action and executes it. All bindis are handcrafted, safe on the skin and made of the finest quality products. So, when Gwen Stefani, Selena Gomez and other stars from the western hemisphere can sport the bindi, what’s stopping us?